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Frequently Asked Questions about Life Insurance

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting some life insurance.

How do I get coverage?

You can apply to get some quotes for free by filling out our online application. Just click "apply now" wherever you see it on our site, and you will be supplied with price estimates from major carriers.

Why should I get covered?

If you have anyone who depends on you financially or otherwise, you should get some life insurance to take care of their needs after you're gone. Dependents might include a spouse, child, or elderly parent. It can help cover your final expenses (funeral costs, estate settlement costs, medical bills, etc.) and maintain your family's present standard of living.

What kind of policy should I get?

This will largely depend on how you intend to use your plan. If you are looking for basic coverage that will pay a death benefit and nothing else, term coverage might best meet your needs. Term covers you for a limited period of time, and then expires. If you do not renew and your plan expires, your beneficiaries will not receive a death benefit. Though permanent policies tend to be more expensive, they have more features than temporary ones. With a permanent option, your coverage can double as an investment vehicle that will accrue cash value. You will also enjoy protection as long as you live.

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If I get some life insurance, how much should I get?

The right amount of protection will vary from individual to individual. Typically, experts advise that you take out a policy that is 2-10 times your annual income. Keep in mind that this type of an estimate might not be accurate if you do not earn an income but provide other services to your family. For instance, the value of the annual contribution of a stay-at-home mother to a household (cooking, babysitting, and cleaning) is valued at around $80,000. If you were to die, your family would have to pay someone to do these duties in your stead. Thus, even if you don't earn an income, it is still important to have a safety net established. For more information, check out the how much do you need page.

What factors will determine the price of the quotes I get?

The quotes you get will be based on the cost of your policy, which is determined by the amount you purchase, your health, and the type of policy. You can get price estimates for free on our site, so you can adjust these factors to see how they influence your premium.